Litigator Scrub®

The industry’s most reliable and cost-effective defense against serial TCPA litigators and professional plaintiffs.

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Efficient Identify TCPA threats while running wireless, VoIP & DNC scrubs.
Up to Date Updated in real-time from original court documents.
Inbound / Outbound Works for inbound & outbound campaigns (recommended for text).
Quality Data Authoritative data sources exclusive to Contact Center Compliance.


Protect your business from known litigators & serial plaintiffs

Litigator Scrub® removes professional plaintiffs and litigators from your call and text lists to reduce risk of lucrative TCPA class action lawsuits or quick strike settlement demands.

Award Winning Cloud Based Defense
Industry Expertise


Over 70 billion scrubs with 0 violations, fines or lawsuits

We were the first to identify and scrub for TCPA litigants. With over 20 years of business compliance under our belts, we have performed over 70 billion phone number scrubs with 0 violations, fines or lawsuits incurred by our clients.

“Contact Center Compliance provides top notch TCPA compliance combined with great service and responsiveness.  The Litigator Scrub® tool is second to none and provides an additional layer of protection that is a must in today’s environment.”

John Lord - Bank of the West


Built from the ground up from real case files

Our comprehensive database of serial litigants was researched, identified and created case-by-case. Litigator Scrub® matches every phone number against a real case file so you can minimize risk while maximizing how many numbers you can keep.

Litigator Scrub
Ensure Accuracy


Precise by design

For every case file loaded into our database, we verify the accuracy of the contact information for each litigant by using a trusted solution designed to assist law enforcement in locating people.


Robust API Integration

We integrate with the most popular dialing platforms to identify litigators in real-time on both inbound and outbound campaigns. When you connect to our API you get a reliable cloud-based platform with guaranteed 99.9% uptime and redundant backups in multiple locations across the globe.

Identify Litigators In Real Time