TCPA Compliance

Protect Against TCPA Violation Penalties, Fines & Class Action Lawsuits

We help transform your business and eliminate distractions that can result in costly violations or litigation, thus freeing you to focus on the things you’re best at. It’s a combination of the right specialists and solutions flexible enough to fit seamlessly with your existing internal processes that delivers the greatest results.

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Avoid Litigation, Reassigned Numbers & Other
TCPA Compliance Pitfalls in a Single Scrub

Any company using an autodialer or automated texting platform is at risk—all it takes is a single robocall, text or SMS message without proper consent to support a TCPA lawsuit, and has spawned a multi-million dollar litigation industry with record-breaking judgements.

If you’re unsure about professional TCPA litigators hiding out in your customer database, or having trouble keeping up with all of the relevant provisions required to cleanse a particular list, there’s a good chance you’d be well-served by an alternative solution.

The right specialists, flexibly working with and around your existing internal processes, can take on both the big-picture tactics and granular details involved in staying compliant, leaving you to focus on your business operations without worrying that devastating fines or lawsuits might pounce on you at any moment.

At Contact Center Compliance, we utilize an advanced do not call scrubbing tool called DNC Scrub® that includes Litigator Scrub®, an award-winning, cloud-based defense against serial TCPA litigators and professional plaintiffs. Our DNC Scrub® solution includes the right ecosystem and IT resources to fully manage your Federal, State, and Internal DNC scrubs and all TCPA provision requirements in a single job.

Additionally, you can get real-time updates and increased efficiency from our enterprise-level integrations with platforms you’re already using, such as Salesforce, Five9, Genesys, ActiveProspect, VICIDial and Mitel. Whether you’re using an internal scrub solution or another provider, Contact Center Compliance can do all of the heavy IT lifting necessary to make sure you’re fully adhering with TCPA legislation.

“Contact Center Compliance provides top notch TCPA compliance combined with great service and responsiveness.  The Litigator Scrub® tool is second to none and provides an additional layer of protection that is a must in today’s environment.”

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7 Steps to TCPA Compliance Success

  1. 01 Suppress numbers against National and State (if applicable) Do-Not-Call lists
  2. 02 Carefully maintain and update an Internal Do-Not-Call list of customers
  3. 03 When using an ATDS, include a method to opt-out; honor requests immediately
  4. 04 Avoid litigators and professional plaintiffs who could be lurking in your data
  5. 05 Check for reassigned numbers in your data and verify consent
  6. 06 Identify all wireless and VoIP numbers
  7. 07 Download TCPA compliance guide or checklist to reference

What Sets Contact Center Compliance Apart?


    With over 20 years of business compliance under our belts, we’ve seen it all, including things you may have never even thought of. We have performed over 70 billion phone number scrubs with 0 violations, fines or lawsuits incurred by our clients.


    Our in-house team members are passionate and extremely knowledgeable. We take the time to understand your unique business challenges, provide solutions that fit your internal processes, and support you throughout your compliance journey.


    Your business and internal processes are unique, and therefore require solutions with the flexibility to meet your individual needs. We provide multiple points of integration to our software to submit and receive information however you prefer.


    We have teamed up with leading enterprise-level technologies of tools you’re already using to provide real-time, up to the second compliance. Easily integrate with your favorite CRM, auto dialer, SMS or ATDS system using our RESTful API.


    We provide a single platform for both TCPA and DNC compliance and data enhancement. Get Federal, State and Internal list data suppression as well as data enhancement for reassigned numbers, right party ID and data appending.

TCPA Compliance Guide: How to Minimize Exposure to Risk & Lawsuits


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